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Can You Sue McDonald's if You Get Hurt in Their Parking Lot?

When you visit a McDonald's, the last thing you expect is to get injured. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, even in places as familiar as a fast-food restaurant. This was the case for Rose Mary, who fell and got hurt in a McDonald's parking lot. This blog post will help you understand who is responsible if you get hurt in a McDonald's parking lot and what you can do about it. Rose Mary parked... ❯❯❯

What Happens When You're in an Accident During Work Hours?

In this blog post, we'll explore a real-life case where a man named Marcus was involved in a car accident while being driven by his assistant manager, Jeromy. Marcus tried to hold his employer, Whataburger Restaurants, responsible for the accident. The court had to decide whether the employer was liable for the actions of its employee. This case helps us understand when an employer might be... ❯❯❯

Understanding Strategies to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents at Intersections

Motorcycle rides are pleasant, but it comes with the responsibility to drive safely so that the pleasant experience does not harm you and others on the roads. If there is any mistake while driving, then it can lead to catastrophic severe injuries. So, it is very essential that you take care of such incidents and do not get hit on the roads. There is a higher probability of accidents at intersectio... ❯❯❯

Collaborative Strategies: How Personal Injury Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers Work Together

Personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers often find themselves working together, especially in cases where there is overlap between civil liability and criminal charges. While these legal professionals have distinct roles and responsibilities, there are several scenarios where their collaboration can be beneficial for clients facing complex legal issues.  Let's explore how personal... ❯❯❯

How Much Money Can You Make On Social Security Disability?

Some people work even after they qualify for disability benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income programs. The effect of working on the benefits that you receive depends on whether you qualify for SSI or SSDI. This article explains the rules that apply to money earned from working on your SSI and SSDI benefits. It also looks at programs that allow... ❯❯❯

Is It Legal to Use a VPN to Watch Netflix?

‍ There are legal considerations regaring VPN. With a VPN for China, Chinese internet users can access blocked websites in that country. You can also use a VPN to change your IP address to a country that has better internet speed. For example, with a Japan VPN, you can access content that are only available in Japan. According to legal experts, whether it is legal to use VPN to watch Netflix... ❯❯❯