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Best Ways to Protect Yourself Against Wrongful Termination

Keep Good Records

One of the easiest and best ways to protect yourself against wrongful termination or improper firing is to keep excellent records. It is important to keep any positive reviews or evaluations as well as negative matters along with explanations of why you believe they each occurred. It is easier to document issues at the time they happen. Also such notes are considered more reliable by the Courts if made at time involved rather than later when a lawsuit is pending. Don't forget to keep thank you notes or positive e-mails to add to your credibility. Remember the lawyer’s motto "document everything". Make notes anytime there is an employment issue, good or bad. Remember to stay calm and try to be objective; being emotional or angry will harm you and your case in many ways.

Learn About Your Rights

Another effective way to protect against wrongful termination is to educate yourself on the appropriate laws and what they mean. Don't make assumptions. There are self-help resources that will give you the legal basics so you know what is right and know what to document and fight. Just because a firing or potential firing seems unfair does not make it wrongful. Unless you have a special contract, you can generally be fired "at will" or any reason, no matter how strange.

Show Firing was Illegal

Your Employer is not allowed to discriminate against you or fire you for a reason that our society has determined is improper. This is usually related to being part of a protected class. So you can't be fired for being a victim of domestic violence, for being Asian, or for being Jewish (protected classes). But you can be fired just because your boss does not like your choice of music (not protected). Other protected classes include age, gender, race, and disability. Additionally you cannot be fired for being what is called a whistleblower: reporting your employer's illegal activities to officials. You also can't be fired for complaining about improper activities to your employer. It is also illegal to force you to quit if the coercion essentially makes you have to quit.

Find a Qualified Labor Lawyer

However, in the event, that these steps do not work and you are fired, it is very important to hire an experienced attorney immediately. You can find lawyers who are ready to assist you in fighting for your rights. For example if you live in Los Angeles, you would search “LA Labor Law Attorney”, to find someone that can assist you with your case.