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ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends is something that is necessary when looking at the entire law industry. We are faced with a field of activity where data is vital. You want to be sure that you speed up the entire process in order to be able to always make the correct decisions.

As you can clearly see from the infographic presented here, the number of technological investments that are made by law firms is growing at a really fast rate. All the data presented is from the year 2014. Ever since when the infographic was created, statistics surely increased. Law firms from all around the world managed to increase the investments that they made in technology use.

You have to always be sure that you think about what can make data processing faster. This is definitely not something that is easy to do. You want to be able to process data as soon as possible and this automatically means investing in software and hardware. Analyze the information provided by the infographic in order to see what you could invest in. this is something that will help any law firm to become more productive in an industry that is highly competitive.

ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey