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Putting a Stop to Abusive Relationships: 4 Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

In the United States, almost 20 people are abused by an intimate partner every minute. This means about 10 million people are abused every year. With these statistics, you would think everyone is aware of domestic violence and its signs. That is not the case. Many people still end up in abusive relationships. Sometimes, they don’t even realize the relationship is abusive. That’s because perpetrators are skilled at reducing the self-esteem of their victims and making them think they are over-reacting or crazy.

Let’s look at some of the signs of domestic violence which you should look out for. Emotional or psychological forms of abuse typically come before the physical abuse. If you realize you are in an abusive situation, you need an attorney.

  1. Your partner isolates you from your relatives and friends

You may not notice this happening at first. Your partner may tell you they just want what’s best for you. They may convince you your loved ones are toxic. They may become aggressive when you attempt to go out with friends or manipulate you when you plan to visit your parents. An abusive partner will also check up on you to make sure you are where you say you would be. They may embarrass you in front of people, so you no longer want to go out in public.

  1. Your partner bullies or threatens you

An abusive partner may curse you or threaten your life and those of your loved ones. They may constantly criticize you or accuse you of having an affair when you’re not. They may also force you to wear certain clothing and to style your hair in the way they want. It goes way beyond expressing their preference or making recommendations. You feel like you have no choice but to comply. Your partner may also throw things or smash items even if they don’t physically hurt you.

  1. Your partner controls your money

Does your partner take your money as soon as you get paid or hold on to your credit and debit cards? Maybe they give you an allowance and ask you to account for every cent you spend. Unless you’ve agreed to this arrangement, this is a form of abuse and it can turn into violence. Your partner may excuse their behavior by telling you they’re simply better at handling the finances or that you’re a shopaholic. Abusive intimate partners may also prevent you from working or tell you where you can work.

  1. Your partner physically or sexually assaults you

This is the type of behavior that is most typically seen as abuse. However, abusers often tell victims it’s their fault or it’s what all partners do. Your partner may slap, push or kick you. They may force you to perform sexual acts or trick or force you into unprotected sex. Regardless of what they tell you, this is not acceptable, normal or legal. Even if only happens once or twice or when your partner was drunk, it’s still abuse.

Domestic violence can take many forms. Victims are typically isolated from loved ones and made to feel insignificant before the physical abuse begins. By this time, they are too embarrassed or scared to report their partner’s behavior. Knowing the signs of abuse can help you to get out of the relationship before it is too late. Consult an attorney and the police for the expert advice you need.