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What to Do if You Are Arrested for Drug Crime in Connecticut

Different states of different countries have distinct laws that guide the prosecution of a wide array of crimes. These laws which are referred to as municipal laws may or may not go in accordance with international laws. Regardless of the municipal laws that have been set to curb crimes in a state, getting arrested for a drug crime is always a serious offense. It is punishable with extensive jail time of up to 15 years depending on the charge. Also, there are strict policies that have been set that makes it hard to get bail for such offenses. Although difficult, it is still possible to get drug crimes bail bonds with the help of a good drug crime attorney or a good bail bond agency. For the state of Connecticut, here are the things to do upon getting arrested for a drug crime:

Always Be Calm and Know Your Rights

Before an arrest is made, the police force would have gotten certain information that will influence the action. It could be a scoop that a person has kilos of hard substance. It is important to note that an arrest is not automatically a conviction. This means the police force may still have to conduct further investigations. When the police come to make an arrest, the best thing to do is remain calm. Fighting or resisting arrest can escalate an already delicate matter. After the police would have read the Miranda rights, the arrested individual should simply follow calmly. 

Insist on Your Right to Speak to an Attorney

Every individual upon arrest has a right to consult with their attorney. When arrested, the defendants should ask their lawyer. Even if the arresting officer doesn’t immediately respond, the defendants should insist on it.

Do Not Be Coerced to Speak 

As it clearly states in the Miranda rights, the arrested individual has the right to remain silent. Until any evidence proves their active involvement in the drug crime, the arrested individuals may choose to speak only with their lawyer. This is usually because investigating officers can and will use anything that is said to make their case and this may not speak well for the defendants.

Do Not Be Rude to the Arresting Officer

An arrested individual needs to understand that the arresting officer is simply doing his job. Until the arrested individual has been proven guilty, he is simply a suspect in a case hence the need to constantly remain calm. During and even after the arrest, the arrested individual should ensure that they remain respectful. When requesting the right to an attorney, the arrested individual should do so without being rude. Although every individual has a right to be obnoxious to police officers, it may suggest defensiveness which can imply there is something to hide.

Do Not Break Your Bail Contract by Attempting to Flee

After an arrest, the defendants may be granted bail. This allows the defendants to be released from police custody. When granted bail, there are usually bail conditions that require the defendants to be present whenever the court requires. By attempting to flee, the defendants will be breaching the bail conditions. If this happens, it wouldn’t matter if the defendants are guilty or not, they can be charged just for breaching the bail contracts.

Know the Legal Penalties of the Alleged Charges

Defendants should always make an effort to understand all the possible sentences that can be made if convicted for the drug crime charge. The defendants should request their lawyers to explain their several options to them. This will help make a more informed decision. Regardless of the newly acquired knowledge on the cases defendants are being accused of, they should always trust their lawyers’ advice and never rush to take a plea deal.

Prepare a Strong Defense for Trial

Drug crimes are very serious offenses. There are several charges and sentences depending on the gravity of the offense. For instance, being charged for drug trafficking will attract a more serious sentence than drug possession. Considering the seriousness of the offense, the defense of the defendant must be very convincing. The drug crime attorney must be very thorough in combing through evidence. Depending on the case and the argument, defendants may get a lesser court sentence that they probably should have.

Aside from doing all these, it is vital to consult with a reputable bail bond agency as well as a good drug crime attorney. Defendants should also always keep in mind “an arrest doesn’t imply automatic criminal conviction”.