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Welcome to Criminal Defense Lawyer Guide!

This website provides resources on criminal defense attorneys. Our Criminal Defense Attorney Directory lists a large number of criminal defense lawyers and criminal defense law firms. Our Criminal Defense News section will keep you updated on the latest news. We hope to help you find the best criminal defense attorneyes in town!

Criminal Defense Guide

What Type of Counseling Can a Court Order?

If you are charged with or convicted of a DUI in Arizona, there are many counseling and treatment options available. Deciding on what the best option is for you and the timing can be crucial to the outcome of your case. At Phoenix DUI Law, we have gathered the greatest team of DUI lawyers in Phoenix to help you assess the options and decide what treatment option is best for you.   ... [Continue Reading]

5 Non-Disclosure Agreement Negotiating Tips

In this era of online and mobile accessibility, sharing information has become something that is difficult to police. Just look at WikiLeaks and their seemingly endless supply of classified government documents. And if the government can’t even stop their most protected information from being shared, what chance do businesses have of keeping their secrets secure? Well, there is one... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Probate Lawyer

Dealing with probate law can, for some, be a complicated and stressful process. End of life decision-making is always a challenge, which is why choosing the right probate lawyer is so vital to the process. A good probate lawyer will help you navigate the legal landscape while making it as easy as possible for you to execute the articles of your will. Below are five tips to consider while you... [Continue Reading]

Obtaining a Green Card by Marriage: 5 Things You Should Know

Just about all of us have watched a movie or television program where someone talked about marrying someone else so that the individual could obtain their green card. But the reality is that this isn’t something that just happens onscreen. This is also something that transpires on a regular basis within the United States too. And while there are some people who legitimately fall in love... [Continue Reading]

Common Personal Bankruptcy Pitfalls to Avoid

One thing that none of us ever really plan to do is file for bankruptcy. Yet sometimes, when our bills become overwhelming and we don’t see how we can legitimately pay off all of our creditors, personal bankruptcy is really the best way to get a fresh start. If this is something that you’re strongly considering doing, in order to make the process as smooth for you as possible, we... [Continue Reading]

Laws for Buying and Carrying Knives in the UK

In the UK, buying and carrying a knife is a little bit different than anywhere else in the world. Understandable so, the United Kingdom has stricter rules about weapons in general – who can carry them, when it’s appropriate to carry them and when you can use them. These laws have earned the UK one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. When it comes to carrying knives, it is... [Continue Reading]

Why Legal Document Shredding Is Essential for Law Firms

If you are a partner at a law firm, you probably know that shredding documents is not only necessary – it’s the law. Most states have laws mandating that documents need to be shredded after a certain amount of time. There are even some federal laws that require you to shred documents that contain information that is top secret or confidential. Not only do these documents feature... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Performing a Thorough Criminal Record Check

If you are an employer, a landlord or if you are a worried parent, you may want to do a background check. Whether you check out the background of a prospective employee or babysitter for your kids, it is important to know exactly what you are doing before you do the check. For instance, you may check the background of one person and not come up with anything – there is a good chance that... [Continue Reading]

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Criminal Defense News

State taxpayers to cover $2.4M in Bruno criminal defense costs
Former state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno should check his stocking for a generous $2.4 million gift from the state after beating federal corruption charges in May. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman begrudgingly approved the reimbursement ...

Even an old prosecutor like 'Maximum Marcy' can learn to see the good in others
Not only are my efforts at small talk awkward, but as a criminal defense attorney, I find myself waiting for the question that inevitably follows the disclosure of my profession: “How can you defend 'those' people?” The phrasing may change a bit ...

Hickey: Use seized drug money for public defender
The notion of using seized drug money to pay for criminal defense doesn't sit well with Attorney General Marty Jackley. The drug control fund consists of money seized from suspected drug sales and other cash collected from auctioning off seized ...

Criminal Lawyer Cashes In On Moonshine
All three criminal defense lawyers met in college. They knew the law, but beyond family concoctions, the trio knew little else about distilling or the alcohol business. “Each of those first four years, there was a new challenge and a new thing that ...

McGovern: Aaron Hernandez's winning streak snapped
“That's nowhere near enough,” said Peter Elikann, a criminal defense attorney not involved in the case. “They have to deal with a lot of issues, including the number of people who have heard the accusations of the alleged other murders.” Garsh also ...

DOJ's Discovery Guide Remains Secret
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) sued the U.S. Department of Justice for a copy of the document, known as the "Blue Book." U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly concluded that the manual was attorney work-product ...

Rep. Michael Grimm may not receive jail sentence even with expected tax ...
Rep. Michael Grimm may not receive jail sentence even with expected tax ...

Insanity defense filed for Fishers teen charged in murder
“There was a lot of evidence that pointed toward this gentleman of having committed the crime so there was no real way to argue that he didn't do it,” said Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Crawford. Power attorney James Voyles represents ...

Campaign cash for criminal defense? Please
This aerial view of Capitol Hill shows the Capitol, Supreme Court Building, Library of Congress and congressional office buildings. 2014-12-22T02:00:00Z Campaign cash for criminal defense? PleaseBy JAMIE MARGUIA The Times and Democrat. 6 hours ...

Comic's book just a bunch of 'Nonsense'
Stand-up comic Paul D'Angelo tells a lot of lawyer jokes. That's because, in his past life, the Wakefield comedian was a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney — and some of his cases were a real joke! “I had a guy once who strangled a parrot,” D ...

Attorney Joseph Cavallo's Expert Opinion on New York's Criminal Defense ...
Attorney Joseph Cavallo's Expert Opinion on New York's Criminal Defense ...

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