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Welcome to Criminal Defense Lawyer Guide!

This website provides resources on criminal defense attorneys. Our Criminal Defense Attorney Directory lists a large number of criminal defense lawyers and criminal defense law firms. Our Criminal Defense News section will keep you updated on the latest news. We hope to help you find the best criminal defense attorneyes in town!

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Revealed: The Secrets Of Finding A Good Personal Injury Attorney

Have you suffered an injury at work in a public place? Did that result in you paying for huge medical bills and taking time off work? If the answer to those questions is yes, today's blog post is just for you! You might not know it, but you're in a good position to seek compensation for your injuries. Did you know that it’s likely you're entitled to money because of negligence? For... [Continue Reading]

Helpful Tips on Getting a Canadian Pardon

Having a criminal record can really affect the overall quality of a person’s life. There are a number of obstacles a person will have to overcome in order to be free of their criminal record. In order to get rid of these charges off of your record, you will have to apply for a pardon from the Canadian government. This will allow you to get rid of the bad marks you have on your record and... [Continue Reading]

Important Steps You Should Take Following a Vehicular Accident on the Road

If you become a victim of a vehicular accident and would like to make sure you can receive compensation for either your vehicle or any physical injuries you have sustained, it always pays to know what to do following any type of road traffic accident. Keep the following steps in mind, and if you ever become involved in a road traffic accident, you will know exactly what to do and how to go... [Continue Reading]

Top Tips For Picking The Perfect Lawyer For Your Case

While some legal problems can be handled without the help of a lawyer, if your problem is complex, it’s best to hire some help. If the case is complicated and you need to win it, then hiring an experienced lawyer is a must. Image link Lawyers do so much more than just argue your case, they offer fantastic advice, investigate and ensure you win. So no matter what it is you are... [Continue Reading]

Safe Driving

Driving safely is very important and while we all try to drive safely we may commit offenses here and there. These offenses have different ramifications in different areas. You will receive demerit points Ottawa and may be just a ticket in America. As these tickets or demerits add up over the years you could be punished by having your driver’s licenses taken away, having to retake your... [Continue Reading]

Top reasons you need a personal injury lawyer

You’ve probably seen the television commercials that claim that if you have been in a car accident or otherwise injured by the actions of another person, you should hire a personal injury lawyer.  But do you really know why you need to hire one? When it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer Brampton residents actually have several good reasons for doing so.  They know the... [Continue Reading]

Qualified Legal Representation Is The Best Resource Any Injury Victim Can Have

There are lawyers who specialize in injury cases that stay abreast of all the current and changing rules and regulations of the WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board). These special injury lawyers are adept at explaining the injury claim process and helping clients through every step, ensuring that you get the most from your claim, and are well taken care of afterwards. If you’ve... [Continue Reading]

Wicked Ways to Find the Best Lawyer For You

If you’ve gotten to a point in your life where you need a lawyer, it could be a daunting time. Everybody will get to this stage at some point. Whether you’ve committed a crime or been a victim of one. Whether you’ve been injured or you just want legal advice. Whatever the reason and rationale you’ll almost always want a lawyer at some point in your life. And so, here... [Continue Reading]

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Criminal Defense News

Criminal defense lawyers critical of sentencing task force
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers says a task force that will recommend sentencing changes has not reached out to that group for input. In a letter to the Governor's Task Force on Sentencing and Recidivism, ...

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys Re Design Website
The Dallas criminal defense attorneys of Broden Mickelsen Helms & Snipes are announcing the launch of the firm's redesigned website, which has been enhanced to provide a better experience for users seeking legal help for a criminal case. With the ...


Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney Gives Back to His West Virginia Hometown ...
Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney Gives Back to His West Virginia Hometown ...

Defense lawyers say sentencing task force one-sided
The Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers wants a special task force set up by Gov. Bill Haslam to do a better job of reaching out to stakeholders before it recommends new sentencing guidelines for felonies. The associations issued a press ...

Exclusive: Local attorney speaks after shooting client in self-defense
That client, David Scott Smith, was out on parole after spending more than 20 years in prison for robbery. The Oklahoma County District Attorney's office says Silvernail clearly acted in self-defense. Silvernail told NewsChannel 4 he never carried a ...

Donald Trump Should Have Fired His Lawyer for Rape Comment, Legal Expert Says
“Cohen needs to be fired yesterday,” criminal defense attorney Mark McBride told TheWrap Tuesday. “And you can quote me on that.” Cohen, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, was trying to shoot down a decades-old report that Trump's ...

US Extends Investigation of JPMorgan Chase Hacking
Still, criminal defense lawyers say the friends and acquaintances could represent a rich source of information for investigators trying to learn more about Mr. Murgio and Mr. Aaron and their activities. “What the investigators will do is look at people ...

PUC plays by its own rules, hires outside lawyers
Imagine the outcry if the California Senate had used taxpayers' money to hire criminal defense lawyers in 2013 when a leaked FBI affidavit detailed an investigation into then Sen. Ron Calderon. What if the California Department of Parks and Recreation ...

Review committee formed to look into Sandra Bland case
"Louis White, former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, will spearhead that committee with attorney Darryl Jordan from Houston," said Mathis. Mathis also said that press conferences conducted by the Waller County DA's office would decrease, as ...

Criminal Defense Lawyers Should be Allowed to Make Early Pleas
The committee opines that this would cause a criminal defense lawyer to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct in that they cannot competently advise at that level (Rule 1.1), cannot properly discuss the issues with a client (Rule 1.4), and cannot ...

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