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What You Should Know about Filling for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Many people who struggled to pay their debt will seek the final resolution of filing for a bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can reduce the burden of your debt partially and it usually takes 3 – 5 years to repay it. You are to use your disposable income to pay for the debt in the Chapter 13 plan. The disposable income is the leftover after you have deducted your expenses. You should... [Continue Reading]

How DWI Attorneys Can Help You

Drunk driving is a serious crime yet so many people are treating it lightly. Because of this, the rate of DWI cases have increased rapidly all over the United States. So if you ever found yourself in the same situation, here’s what you should do. First, find a DWI lawyer. A DWI lawyer is a person that focuses on drunk driving cases in his law practice. With this, he or she has the most... [Continue Reading]

How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Hiring the best criminal defense attorney for yourself or any of your close relative or friends is quite difficult, especially when you have so many options to choose from. So, how can you know which criminal defense lawyer is the best and which one is just average? Or who can fight your case with the best of his abilities? It is important to find a reputable lawyer whom you can trust.... [Continue Reading]

Partnering with a Legal Advocate after an Accident

When you have been hurt on the job, you may find yourself relatively isolated and without the support you need during your recovery. Your coworkers may hesitate to take your side against your employer for fear of losing their jobs. Even your boss may skirt the truth in a bid to protect the company. When you need to make a claim against your employer's insurance to help you pay your medical... [Continue Reading]

ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends is something that is necessary when looking at the entire law industry. We are faced with a field of activity where data is vital. You want to be sure that you speed up the entire process in order to be able to always make the correct decisions. As you can clearly see from the infographic presented here, the number of technological... [Continue Reading]

Choosing The Right DUI Lawyer for You

We all think that it may never happen to us, but getting a DUI isn't exclusive to certain people. Anybody is at risk of a DUI no matter how much they have had to drink. Instead of thinking you are free from ever needing a good criminal lawyer Oakland, you should learn how to research, interview, and find a good lawyer ahead of time. Preparation is always the best defense. Often... [Continue Reading]

How to Resolve a Personal Injury Case?

Did you suffer an injury recently? Is the injury bad enough to prevent you from working for a significant period of time? Was the injury caused as a result of negligence by a person or business? If so, you will need to find legal representation that is capable of adequately defending your rights in court. It is important that the responsible party pay for the pain and suffering they have... [Continue Reading]

How Could A DUI Attorney Help You?

Image author Most people think they are never going to need a DUI attorney to fight their corner. They believe that only stupid people would dare drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. However, you’d be surprised by the level of DUI cases going through our courts these days. What people don’t realize is that alcohol stays in your system for a long... [Continue Reading]

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Criminal Defense News

Paxton Took $100K From Businessman Investigated For Medicaid Fraud To Fund Own Criminal Defense
Paxton Took $100K From Businessman Investigated For Medicaid Fraud To Fund Own Criminal Defense. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing two felony counts of securities fraud. The gift from Preferred Imaging founder James Webb accounts for ...

Here's The Awful Reality Of Being A Rape Victim In Criminal Trials
“Let's not mince words, the job of the defense lawyer when a witness's word is the bulk of the prosecution, the defense's job is to undermine that witness,” said Abbe L. Smith, director of the Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic at Georgetown ...

Pulp fiction writer's inspiration comes from his day job: Criminal defense lawyer
He's a criminal defense attorney by day (and sometimes by night, too, during busy stretches), and author whenever there's time. What's unusual about McKaig, however, is how seamlessly those halves come together in his first published book, “Bull City ...

Tucson Criminal Defense Attorneys to Present at NCDD 2016 Summer Session
The Summer Session, being held July 20-23, 2016, routinely draws 150 criminal defense attorneys from across the United States. The seminar will mark a crowning achievement in the career of James Nesci, who will be installed as the Dean of the College, ...

Crowe & Dunlevy names co-chairs of Criminal Defense, Compliance & Investigations Practice Group
TULSA— Crowe & Dunlevy recently named Sanford C. Coats and Thomas B. Snyder co-chairs of the firm's established Criminal Defense, Compliance & Investigations Practice Group (CDCI). The practice group includes four former federal prosecutors and ...

Why your criminal counsel should confer with immigration counsel
Competent criminal defense must include an inquiry into the defendant's immigration status. Fortunately, much can be done in criminal court to insulate a non-citizen from removal in the future. But for this to happen, the alien must inform the criminal ...

Cosby replaces one L.A. defense lawyer with another
Tayback began representing Cosby in civil matter last year and appeared with his criminal defense team after he was charged in December for his alleged 2004 encounter with Constand at his Cheltenham mansion. Cosby's criminal defense team still ...

Local criminal defense attorney has license suspended
The N.C. State Bar has suspended Winston-Salem attorney Michael Paul Crowe from the practice of law for three years, citing various actions in three separate criminal defense cases. Crowe, who has been practicing law since 2011, was accused of multiple ...

Corey Wlodarczyk Named to Top 40 Attorney List for Criminal Defense
Attorney Corey Wlodarczyk recently received the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 for Criminal Defense in Southern California award. "I am very honored to have received this recognition of my peers and colleagues for my work defending the rights ...

“Family Friends” Help Bankroll AG Ken Paxton's Criminal Defense
According to those filings, “family friends” who Paxton says meet the “independent relationship exception” under state law have so far donated some $329,000 toward his criminal defense. That includes James Webb, the CEO of a north Texas medical imaging ...

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Achieves Five Not Guilty Verdicts in Prominent Case
Local criminal defense attorney, Mark Thiessen, recently won five not guilty verdicts in the State of Texas v. M.Z., the largest such verdict in Harris County history for an intoxication manslaughter trial, which included four Intoxicated Manslaughter ...

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