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7 Tips to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Dubai

Winding up in mid of a criminal case in the UAE can be very troubling. According to UAE law, everyone qualifies to defend themselves. It is the right of each accused to defend themselves in the official courtroom. However, dealing with criminal charges isn't as easy as dealing with traffic tickets. Hiring a good criminal lawyer is crucial. There is a great deal of administrative work and techniques included right from the first police visit to the preliminary court hearings. For any regular person, procedures in the UAE courts can be scary and overpowering.

Confronting this distressing situation alone isn't easy, particularly in the event where the accused is already behind bars. Having an experienced and qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side can be extremely reassuring in circumstances like these.

It would help if you had a criminal lawyer with experience, enthusiasm for the law, and the ability to get positive results. Try not to pick someone on impulse. Take as much time as necessary and discover the legal advisor that may work best for you.

A few tips and pointers can help you while looking for criminal lawyers in Dubai. These 7 tips can guide you to find and finalize a great Criminal defense lawyer in Dubai.  

1. Check References. 

An accomplished lawyer will have an excellent reputation to match. Ask friends, colleagues, and trusted people which law firm or advocate they would recommend. Even the best lawyers can have many dissatisfied clients, but you can consider them if good reviews outweigh the bad one.

2. License to litigate:  

There is a big difference between a legal consultant and lawyer. Lawyers and advocates are licensed to represent you in the courts. In UAE, only licensed lawyers and litigators have the right to appear in court for litigation. While inquiring about the licenses, check if the lawyer has all the necessary licenses to represent you in all the 3 courts on Dubai, Courts of First instance, Court of Appeal, and Federal Supreme Court.

3. The Lawyer's Experience

Any lawyer in Dubai must have a thorough understanding of the region and its legal framework. Similarly, the court procedure's understanding also acts as a crucial deciding factor whether you win or lose. An experienced criminal defense advocate can identify any errors and help your case stay on the winning track.

Years of corporate law experience can amount to nothing when it comes to legal intelligence required for criminal cases. So, find a lawyer that specializes in criminal defense. At your first meeting, ask the lawyer about their experience. Discuss with them about the different cases they handled and their outcomes. Also, enquire about the number of cases they deal with at a time. It is observed that the lawyers that take a large number of cases at one time can't give your case required consideration.

Different cases require various procedures for progress. Criminal attorneys in Dubai and other UAE regions assess all the occasions and existing situations and construct solid methodologies. After a legitimate investigation of your cases, Criminal attorneys build up a strong contention that will help win the case.

 4. Excellent Communication Skills:

Communication skills requires efficiency of communication in both directions—client and court. The lawyer may use legal jargon and terms in court hearings and documentations. However, while talking with you, they must explain everything to you in a simplistic manner. If you fail to understand your lawyer, it can restrict the development of a lawyer-client relationship, which is the most critical component of defending a court case. While evaluating a lawyer based on his/her communication skills, ask yourself the below questions:

  • Does your lawyer give enough time to listen to your side?
  • Has your lawyer answered all your questions in the first meeting?
  • Has your lawyer explained the strategy and procedures they are going to use?
  • Did you leave the meeting with a calm mind or in a confused state?

The way the lawyer communicates with you can give a lot of clarity on how efficient the lawyer is. The aggressiveness to win, the compassion they have for their clients, and the moral high ground the lawyer holds can be analyzed by communicating with their clients.

 5. Potential costs the case:

The cost of a legal advisor ought to be dictated by the complexity of the lawyer's case and success rate. However, you must understand the way a lawyer is planning to bill you. Criminal cases are, in general, charged by a flat fee rate, but some law firms may defer to that and charge you on an hourly basis. Some attorneys may demand a retainer fee as well. The retainer fee depicts the commitment of the lawyer towards the case.

It is essential to ask what the expense are covered and what are not. Most defense lawyers, for instance, charge separately for investigators.

Ask the below questions when you discuss the fee:

  • Is it going to be a fixed amount or hourly charge?
  • Do you need to make any advance payment?
  • How much do advance payment to they expect?
  • In case the outcome is negative, will you still bear any charge?

Make a conscious choice after considering the factors like a law firm and lawyer's reputation, the lawyer's experience, the services they offer, transparency of fee structure, etc. Hiring an accomplished criminal defense lawyer can end up being an expensive choice. Even though it might appear rather costly at first yet, it proves to advantageous in the long run. Every criminal case may invite hefty fines, court charges, charges identified with jail time/bail, and different incidental expenses. A lawyer thinks pretty much all such costs ahead of time and ensures you don't lose any hearing. Considering these factors, hiring a criminal defense expert ends up being a monetarily fruitful choice.

6. Consultation process:

Each court case passes through a series of processes. Make sure your lawyer communicates that to you in detail and approach an arrangement for your case. Talk about your objectives and your responsibilities as a client. Please beware of the lawyers who claim that they get special favors because they know the judge or someone in higher authority. In Dubai, no special favors are rendered to anyone, and all the judges practice utmost transparency and hold high moral grounds. Choose a lawyer that promises to build a strong case, not the one that guarantees 100% win. There is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence; evaluate your lawyer based on that.

7. Make sure to confer your information to the lawyer:

When you mention everything to your legal advisor, ask them how they would approach your case. Together, you should attempt to discover as much information as possible, which may take your case in the right direction. This typically involves gathering evidence, witnesses, and other essential things required for the case.

The golden rule for the success of any case is, "Never lie to your lawyer." The more information you can offer a criminal defense lawyer, the more efficiently the lawyer can prepare you for the case.

Bottom Line:

All the above pointers can help you to pick the right lawyer for your criminal case. It is not advisable to rush yourself, no matter how stressful the situation is. You need to feel confident in the ability of your lawyer.