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Can You Beat Your Criminal Charges?

Being charged with a serious crime is enough to throw anyone’s life into disarray.

That said what steps to take when prosecutors are looking to convict you for any one of many serious crimes?

Do you take one of the first criminal defense lawyers you find or do you do a little research online? Should you take a plea deal if it seems that you’re not going to win your case? Last, do you tell your employer or a potential employer about the situation you’re in? You may hope they do not find out short of you doing jail time

As you can see, there are various questions to run through your mind when dealing with charges.

Mounting the Best Defense

To mount the best defense possible, keep in mind the following all-important factors:

  1. Case evidence – What evidence does the prosecution have that you in fact committed a crime? If the evidence is circumstantial at best, there’s a good chance you can beat the charges. Unless there's an eyewitness or video to place you at the scene, all will rely upon the alleged victim’s story.
  1. Legal counsel – By going out and getting the best legal counsel, you improve your odds of winning. Make sure in selecting your lawyer to find one with years’ of experience and proven results. Last, you want an individual who will keep you in the loop about your case at all times.
  2. Your history – If you are free of any criminal charges and convictions in the past that can work to your favor. Make sure your legal team knows your past life. Being known as an upstanding citizen and model employee over the years also can’t hurt your defense.
  1. Alleged victim’s background – Last, what background does the alleged victim have? Do they have any history of making false charges? While your lawyer should not delve into personal attacks, you do want to question the story on its merits.

Learning from This Experience

Whether found innocent or guilty, you want to take something out of this legal experience.

First, do your best moving forward to not put yourself in a similar situation.

For example, if accused of domestic violence, how did things get to that point? Did your relationship spiral out of control to the point where emotions got the best of you?

If charged with driving under the influence (DUI), did you think one more drink wasn’t going to impact you?

What if charged with assault following an altercation with a neighbor? Did you figure that the war of words between the two of you would not escalate to the point they did?

By reflecting on how you ended up at this point, you can in all hopes avoid such legal scenarios down the road.

Even one successful criminal conviction on your record can have repercussions for many years to come.

So, how confident are you that you will beat the criminal charges and be a free person?