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Top 25 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction

If you are worried about a DUI, or another DUI, getting on your record, here are some steps you can take to ensure you are not convicted of such a charge. If you have an impending Atlanta Municipal Court DUI Hearing, you should call a lawyer for assistance.

  1. Do NOT drive after you have been drinking – obviously!
  2. Even if you are driving a vehicle on your own property while intoxicated, you are liable to get a DUI charge if you are caught by the police.
  3. Even if you are in the front seat of a car that is being towed, you could get charged with a DUI.
  4. Do not sleep on the front seat of your car if you are intoxicated, and most definitely do not leave your keys in the ignition. Take your keys out, put them in your pocket and sleep in the back seat.
  5. Avoid taking a blood alcohol test at the scene. Let them take you to the station to administer it there, as it gives you time to sober up.
  6. Make sure you have very low BAC levels if you want to drive. Being around the legal limit is a dangerous risk.
  7. Tell your lawyer to spot any issues with your arrest in terms of officer behavior.
  8. Try to get your case dismissed by saying you were stopped without cause.
  9. Attempt to plea that you were discriminated against by the officers who stopped you.
  10. If you are not offered the right to a second BAC test, you can get the first one excluded at trial.
  11. If there was no probable cause for being stopped, the test they gave you at the scene is often inadmissible.
  12. If you are mishandled while in police custody or harassed or physically abused, get your case thrown out.
  13. Practice walking in a straight line every few weeks.
  14. Practice saying the alphabet backwards, especially after having one or two drinks.
  15. Have your license and documents on you at all times so you can show them to an officer.
  16. React calmly and composedly if you are pulled over.
  17. Ensure none of your passengers are belligerent when you are pulled over.
  18. Try to argue you were sick with a fever, as those can often result in artificially higher BAC counts.
  19. Do NOT drink and take medicines at the same time, and most definitely do not drive after doing so.
  20. When drinking alcohol, take drinks of water in between alcoholic beverages to slow down your alcohol consumption.
  21. Eat something before drinking, as it lowers the BAC impact of alcohol consumption.
  22. Stick to light beers or watered-down cocktails if you plan on driving after a few drinks.
  23. Take an Uber or Taxi home when you can.
  24. Have a friend who is sober drive you home.
  25. Buy a hand-held BAC tester and test yourself before you start driving.

Following these steps can help you avoid a DUI charge altogether. But even if you are charged in Atlanta, Georgia, you can get yourself out of the situation with some of the above steps!