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Top reasons you need a personal injury lawyer

You’ve probably seen the television commercials that claim that if you have been in a car accident or otherwise injured by the actions of another person, you should hire a personal injury lawyer.  But do you really know why you need to hire one? When it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer Brampton residents actually have several good reasons for doing so. 

They know the law

Lawyers go to school for a long time to learn the laws and the legal system very well.  Personal injury lawyers specialize in personal injury law, so they know those particular laws inside and out.  That means they can help you understand your rights.  What’s more they can represent you in court and help you get the best chance of recovering compensation for you.  They also know the ins and outs of insurance law, which is important when dealing with personal injury cases.  They can help you understand your rights when it comes to insurance entitlement and the related laws so that you get every penny to which you are entitled.

They know the value of your injury

Only you truly know the impact your injury has had on your life, but a personal injury lawyer understand the value of your injury in terms of the monetary compensation that could be associated with it.  They know which facts to present in court that could increase the amount to which you are entitled and how to present the facts of your case in the most favourable light. 

They will go to bat for you in court

Going to court can be very stressful and intimidating.  Personal injury cases can get quite ugly at times, because both parties are fighting against each other, one against the other to try to get compensation for alleged wrongdoing and negligence.  A personal injury lawyer will be your advocate in court. 

They can help you recover more compensation

Insurance adjusters will be much more likely to offer you a better settlement if you are represented by a lawyer.  If you represent yourself, their offer will likely be lower because they think you don’t know how much you are entitled to.  Some advocates for representing yourself say that this extra compensation will be offset by the fact that you will have to pay your lawyer, but that’s not always the case.  Often, because of a lawyer’s expertise and experience, they will recover enough compensation for you that their fees will be covered and you will still get a higher settlement for yourself than you otherwise would have gotten.

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to you to hire a personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt in an accident.  These are among the top reasons.  Although the decision is yours, it’s definitely worth considering hiring a lawyer before you go after the person who wronged you.  Ask around for a reputable lawyer and always look for one who offers a free initial consultation.  That way, you’re never out any money from the start and you have risked nothing.