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5 Important Things to Remember When Securing a Bail Bond

Ending up in jail is definitely something we don’t plan on doing in our lifetime. But getting arrested can happen to anyone even if you are innocent! When this happens, you will do whatever you can to get out as soon as possible. This is why bail bonds can come quite handy in tough situations such as this. Should you get involved in something unfortunate with the law and you don’t have the cash to bail yourself out, securing a bail bond is your best option.

In order for the whole bail bond process to go smoothly, keep in mind these important things about the bail bond service:

  1. Find a reputable bail bond company.

Before anything else, you need to make sure that you find a bail bond company that is trustworthy and already has a proven track record. Getting arrested is already tough. You don’t want to find yourself in another difficult situation by seeking out a fraud bail bond company. Scammers feed on desperate people who want to get out of jail. Make sure that you ask for a license number of the bail agent. See to it that they are accredited for the job and already have years of experience as a bail bond agent.

  1. Take responsibility for the person in custody.

If you are securing a bail bond for a family member or a friend, you will have to remember that he or she is now your responsibility. You need to make sure that you have all the information you need from them such as their full name, booking number, and the exact bail amount. Once you sign the paperwork, you now have the authority as well as the responsibility of the defendant. If the person does not appear in court, you will have to answer for them.

  1. Always ask for clarification about the payment agreement.

You will most likely enter into a payment agreement once you secure a bail bond. You will have to pay a portion of the total amount to get out of jail. Depending on which state you are in, it generally is around 10-15 percent of the total amount. Once you get into a payment agreement with the bail bond company, see to it that you understand all the terms and conditions as well as important dates to remember. If you fail to make a payment at the right time, you put yourself at risk of getting your bail revoked.

  1. Don’t be late or skip your court date.

You should show up on time in all court hearings to avoid getting your bail revoked. There is no excuse for this as you need to remember to respect the time of the court. Don’t skip the court date either to avoid getting hooked financially with the bail bond company. Otherwise, you will have to pay whatever amount of money that the bail bond company provided for you.

  1. Avoid any legal troubles.

Once you are released on bail and still waiting for your court date, make sure to stay out of any trouble that could lead you to get arrested again. Stay at home or do what you usually do outside without involving yourself in any situations that can get you in trouble such as serious traffic offense or public altercations. If you are a co-signer of the bail bond and it is your family member or friend that is out on bail, it is your responsibility to keep them out of any legal troubles. Getting arrested again will most likely result in getting the initial bail revoked.

Securing a bail bond has its advantages and pitfalls—and uninformed and hasty decision-making can lead you to the latter. Learn everything you need to know about how a reputable bail bond service can work to your benefit.