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7 Things You Need To Consider When Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

Compared to other small vehicle accidents, the results of truck accidents are almost always devastating. In the aftermath of truck-related accidents, one of the best steps you can take is to enlist the help of a trucking accident attorney because accidents involving commercial vehicles are often very complex.

Cases involving trucks or commercial vehicles require a great deal of knowledge and experience to navigate. A skilled attorney has an upper hand in establishing the best course of action, conducting investigations, recruiting witnesses and experts, and presenting evidence on your behalf.

But how do you find the right trucking accident attorney? Well, the key to finding a good attorney is knowing what makes an effective one when it comes to commercial vehicle accidents in particular. Here are some of the things to look for: 

1. The Expertise of the attorney

A well-versed lawyer will quickly asses your case—irrespective of how complicated it is—and obtain the maximum compensation that you are entitled to. Before hiring an attorney, note things like the years of experience in the trucking accident field and whether they have a track record of handling similar cases as yours.

2. Specialization

Closely related to experience is specialization. Is the advocate specialized in the trucking accident niche? If you hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury in general, it is going to be a big challenge to get monetary coverage for your damages because multiple parties are likely to be involved in your case.

3. History Of Handling Truck Accident Cases

As hinted above, truck accident cases are usually complex. Accordingly, your search should lead you to an attorney who is not experienced but who also has a long history of dealing with trucking accident cases. The ideal attorney should have represented a wide range of claims, including those involving crashes with big rigs and all types of commercial vehicles.

4. Fees

It is advisable to hire a lawyer who works on a contingency basis—which simply implies that you only pay them a percentage of the settlement that they help you get. If possible, go for an attorney who is flexible enough to negotiate on the contingency fee percentage. A good deal is where you get at least 75% of the total settlement amount after deducting the attorney’s fee and other expenses.

5. Awards and Honors

Good attorneys often get a wide range of achievement awards and accolades. They also get appointed to important legal boards and community organizations. Not all these may be specific to truck accidents, but if the lawyer you plan to partner with has any of these owners to his or her name, it is a good sign that they are competent.

6. Successful Case History

Although no attorney wins every single case, success rate is critical to helping you get the compensation that you deserve. Strive to carry meticulous research on the past cases of your prospective lawyer. Remember to focus on cases that are specific to truck accidents.

7. How Comfortable Do You Feel Around The Attorney

Before your case is settled, you will be interacting with your lawyer on a daily basis. For instance, they will spend a lot of time interviewing you, discussing with you his or her legal strategy, and offering you general legal advice. Accordingly, you need a truck accident lawyer that you trust, respect, and most importantly, a person you are comfortable with.

Ideally, you need a truck accident attorney who has the necessary experience, expertise, good case success rates, somebody you are comfortable with, a specialist, and someone whose fees and settlement estimates are reasonable. If you face any trouble choosing between two attorneys, ask for their past clients’ contacts so that you can have more insights that can further help you make up your mind.