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Why hire Houston DWI Lawyer?

DWI is properly abbreviated as driving while intoxicated. This is a situation in which a person is arrested for driving while being drunk. If you are also arrested for driving while being drunk or under the influence of drugs then the crime will be specified as DWI.  The DWI crime is also stated as OUI (operating under the influence), or OWI (operating while intoxicated). The terms of state in the condition depend upon the situation in which the person is being arrested. There are serious results of driving while intoxicated crime. A person may also lose his or her driving privilege.  But if you hire an experienced Houston DWI Lawyer then he or she may help you in reducing or dropping the charges. Furthermore, a lawyer can also help you in negotiating the penalties according to your past history and the circumstances.

Common penalties and fines of HOUSTON DWI

After getting arrested with the charge of driving while intoxicated or driving under influence, the accused start facing the problems. He or she needs to pay the fine, have to spent time in County jail and also suspension of the driving license and driving privileges.   As per the rules and law of the government, the DWI offense gets stated under the Class B misdemeanor offense. In the Class B misdemeanor offense, the accused person gets a maximum punishment of 180 days in County jail and a minimum sentence of three days. Along with that the accused person also requires to pay a fine of up to $2,000.00.  Furthermore, if the person is arrested along with a child or an open container then the amount penalties change. In such cases, the Houston DWI Lawyer helps the accused person in reducing the number of penalties.

After getting arrested, the accused gets processed in the Harris County jail where he is asked to either pay the fine or get the punishment. Yes, Huston law also releases the accused on the basis of their recognizance. This all happens only if the person promises by signing a written agreement that he will appear in the court whenever needed or required.

For initial appearance, the DWI accused person will get their case assigned in one of the 16 Harris County Criminal Courts at Law. Thereafter, the court ordered the accused to appear in the court. The initial hearing of the DWI case is basically considered as the “arraignment” hearing. In this hearing procedure, the accused person is called and then given all the details about the crime he is accused of. Thereafter the Harris County Criminal County Court Judge also informs the accused person about the punishment range and legal right to the accused.

DWI is not a common offense; it is a serious crime that needs to be represented in the court along with all the rights of the defender that are given by the United States and Texas Constitutions. The Houston DWI Lawyer immediately demands that evidence the Harris County District Attorney’s office can use against the accused. The Houston DWI Lawyer always tries to get the best possible result for the accused.