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What Crimes Can a Criminal Lawyer in Miami Represent You For?

Sometimes we get ourselves into more trouble than we have hoped for. Although it might not be something that originally came to your mind while committing your said crime, but the law can often times get involved if what we did is bad enough to be taken to court. Once you get in trouble with the law for whatever reason big enough to go to court, it is in your best interest to get a reputable lawyer who can walk you through the process of getting the best outcome for whatever your situation might be. We recommend looking on Google for specialized lawyers that are relevant to your situation. For example, if you got a DUI, you will want to look for a specialized DUI Lawyer to handle your case.

There are many crimes that a criminal lawyer may represent you for.

These include:

  1. Dui/DWI
  2. Rape
  3. Robbery
  4. Arson
  5. Truancy


Chances are, if you drink and then drive, you have actually surpassed the legal blood alcohol limit in the past. The legal limit, .08%, is very easy to surpass as it might just be a glass of wine or two depending on what you ate that day, how much you weigh, etc. We want to make sure that when we get behind the wheel, we are completely sober and don't leave the opportunity open to get a DUI or even worse, crash. If you have gotten yourself into this situation then contact a DUI Lawyer like that of Falk & Ross Miami Criminal Lawyers to get your case handled in the best way possible.


Rape is one of the worst crimes someone may commit. It is a total cry for power and a blatant action of pure evil. If you have found yourself accused of rape it may be best to plead guilty and get what is coming to you. We do not condone rape or any other criminal activities for that matter. A side note on this, if you recently met someone new and have any romantic/friendly interest in them, do yourself a favor and check out their criminal record to make sure you are not getting yourself into some big trouble.


Robbery, another criminal activity best left undone. Whether you robbed someone's house or a store, stealing is wrong and should not be accepted in your moral code. However, if you had a lapse of judgment and committed a robbery, you may want to find a criminal lawyer in your area who specializes in robbery crimes.


Ever had the urge to set something on fire, and then actually did it? Well, chances are it didn't end up unnoticed. Whether it was a car, house, or any other object you might have set aflame, doing so will produce large repercussions. After talking with a therapist about why you might have these tendencies or desires, check out any criminal lawyers with a good reputation who also specialize in arson cases. You might even be deemed clinically insane so it's definitely a good idea to tell the truth about your thoughts and actions.


Truancy, a petty crime, is the act of not going to school for no good reason. Skipping school, leaving early, and taking too many days off will possibly lead you to a truancy charge. Get this taken care of right away with a truancy lawyer and get your schedule sorted out to make sure this doesn't happen again! School is important, and so is learning to meet your obligations.

All in all, some of us might have committed a crime, petty or not, and want to fix our situation by hiring a lawyer to help us. Regardless of your crime, it's best to do research beforehand and not get into a legal obligation to pay a lawyer who might not do the best job for you. Find a specialized lawyer with a good reputation and you might just be on your way to fixing your wrongs and making them right.