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Eleven Attributes Of A Good Criminal Defense Attorney

People often ask me how to determine if a Criminal Defense Lawyer is good or not. Having practiced as a San Francisco criminal defense attorney throughout California for thirteen years I have developed some opinions about this, which are laid out in the eleven rules below. These attributes can help make the difference between a good, bad or mediocre result. Remember that good criminal defense... ❯❯❯

Why Consult A Criminal Defense Attorney?

You may find yourself distraught and stranded after being caught up in a criminal offense especially out of your expectation. A Criminal Defense Lawyer is of paramount importance in such a scenario. One would shudder at imagining the detrimental outcomes/ consequences of committing a criminal offence. All you need is a Criminal Defense Attorney to act on your behalf. Many lawyers have expertise... ❯❯❯

The Changing Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers

A defense attorney is a lawyer representing the defendant in a criminal trial. Most defense attorneys specialize in criminal defense, and some further narrow their practice to specific types of criminal defense. In the United States, they are responsible for representing those who have been accused of criminal activities in court, where a judge and jury will then decide if the defendant is either... ❯❯❯

The Truth About Choosing Criminal Defense Lawyers

When a person is charged with criminal defense charges, it simply means that a person is being accused of a criminal offense of any kind. A person charged with a crime is known as the defendant. Criminal defense comes into play when the defendant launches his petition to defend his case. However, proper criminal defense will not happen without appropriate representation in court. A criminal... ❯❯❯

How to Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

My practice is exclusively criminal defense. I speak to people everyday that are looking to hire an experienced, zealous criminal defense attorney. Generally, because of the nature of my practice, individuals who call me are in desperate or urgent situations and they are looking to hire someone who will do everything humanly possible to protect them or their family member. So, if you are looking... ❯❯❯