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Reasons Why You May Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for an Office Investigation

Office investigations can be frightening and confusing experiences, especially if you or your company are the investigation's subject. While it may not be easy to do, it is vital to remain calm and refrain from making any statements or providing information to investigators until you have secured the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

A criminal defense lawyer will be able to advise you about your rights during this investigation, what sort of questions they may ask, and how you should handle the situation. Even if you are confident that you did nothing wrong, it's still better to be safe than sorry by working with a skilled attorney who has experience handling these kinds of investigations from all sides of the table. There are several reasons why this is so important, including:

1.   Investigators Are Not on Your Side

You may feel that the investigators working on your case are there to help you, but they are not. They are trying to gather evidence against you and will use any statement or information you provide them. Even seemingly innocent information can later be used as evidence against you if they take it out of context.

As a result, it is nearly impossible to "talk your way out" of being charged with a crime. Instead, your statements could easily hurt your case by making it easier for prosecutors to obtain a conviction against you. It's, therefore, crucial to talk to a Criminal lawyer to guide you and protect you from investigators who might be taking advantage of your situation.

2.   You Have Legal Protections

When facing an investigation, it's easy to feel alone and powerless. But you're not. There are several legal protections that criminal defense attorneys can help you understand and use during the investigative process. One of the biggest things I want to tell people is that they have legal rights. So often, during investigations, people are often led to believe that they need to answer every question a law enforcement officer puts to them.

When you have an attorney present with you, it is not a legal violation to deny an officer's requests or any question. Having an attorney present offers you the ability to safeguard your rights while also defending yourself.

3.   It's The Best Way to Protect Yourself

An investigation in your workplace is stressful, especially when you are the person under investigation. It's therefore essential to proceed with caution. It is crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after learning about an inquiry in your office. Your lawyer will guide you through each step of the process and support you during any interrogation or questioning related to the complaint.

Your attorney will also advise you on how best to speak and act during this time so that you don't do anything that could damage your case and make it easier for your employer to fire you or take legal action against you.

4.   You have The Right to Seek Legal Counsel

One of the most important things about having a criminal defense attorney is that they can provide legal advice and counsel in cases where charges are pending. It is not advisable to go into an investigation without having a criminal defense attorney, as this can impact the case's outcome.

During an investigation in an office, workers have a right to seek legal counsel to help protect their rights and interests in the investigation process. The employee may ask that legal counsel be present during any interviews or meetings related to the investigation, including when meeting with HR personnel, managers, or others involved in the final decision-making process regarding the employee's employment status.

5.   An Investigation Can Go Wrong in Several Different Ways

The investigating officer could make a mistake when searching your desk or office, discovering evidence that they should not have found. They could also accuse you of a crime that someone else committed. For example, if someone stole money from your workplace, they may try to pin the blame on you.

An investigator may conduct investigations against someone not involved in the alleged crime. If this happens, the actual perpetrator may get away with their actions because an innocent person is taking the heat instead. In such a case, it's crucial to have a criminal lawyer by your side to help absolve you from any wrongdoing.

6.   Attorney- Client Privellege

The attorney-client privilege is one of the essential privileges in any criminal investigation. It means that your communications with your attorney are under protection, and they cannot use it against you in court without your permission. If you talk to a corporate attorney without an attorney present, they could use the conversation against you if the company decides to go to the police.


You may think you are not a suspect just because law enforcement officers have not arrested you yet. However, this is not always true. A company could fire you based on information they gather during their internal investigation and then call the police. Consequently, you could lose your job and still face criminal charges based on information that they illegally gathered without an attorney present. It's, therefore, crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney to guide you and protect you in case of an investigation in your workplace.