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Types of Criminal Charges That You Should Know

 A criminal case is a judicial process where the defendant is prosecuted for conduct that the state's legislature considers illegal. Criminal cases typically begin after you're arrested and informed of your offence. In criminal cases, the defendant is presumed innocent until a state prosecutor proves them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There are different types of criminal cases, these include;

  1. Robbery 

Robbery is a crime involving stealing from another person. However, if it consists of using a weapon, it is referred to as robbery with violence. You may have held someone up in a company during the robbery or demanded their valuables. And this can qualify you for a criminal offence. In this case, you need a lawyer to you during court proceedings.

  1. Drug trafficking

Drug distribution is selling, importing, or transporting unlawful substances. These substances include methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, among other illegal drugs. When involved in such a case, you risk harsh punishment, but this depends on particular factors such as; the quantity and type of drugs being trafficked. Also, the distribution area is a crucial factor, and larger amounts can lead to a long sentence but a criminal lawyer can help.

  1. Drunk driving.

Drunk driving is common on our roads. A drunk driver can easily bump into other cars and cause accidents, injuries and fatalities. For this reason, drunk driving is chargeable even with a low alcohol concentration in your blood. Examples of techniques that the police use to identify driver intoxication:

  • Vehicle's position on the road, for example, is it on or off-road
  • Driver's conduct and appearance 
  • Alcoholic odors
  • Slurred and thick voices
  • Key locations, in or out of the ignition
  1. Bribery

Bribery involves offering or accepting something of value in exchange for power or favors. Bribes can take the form of gifts or monetary contributions in exchange for preferential treatment, such as government contract awards. Property, valuables, privileges, goods of value, services, and favors are all examples of bribes. Bribery is a criminal case because you get treatments you don't deserve illegally.

  1. Kidnapping.

 Kidnapping involves the unlawful seizing and carrying away of a person by force. The main motivations for abduction are to force the victim into involuntary labor. It mainly involves demanding a ransom for the safe release. Kidnapping for the aim of extortion is a common tactic by terrorists seeking government concessions. It is a severe violation in states and attracts a lengthy prison sentence.

Is an attorney crucial for my criminal case?

It's essential to engage a criminal lawyer for your case. The attorney will play roles such as;

  • Representation-The lawyer represents you throughout court proceedings  Civil rights-An attorney protects your civil rights and ensures that you get fair trials
  • Negotiations-Since lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced, they make it successful negotiating with the prosecutors and judges.

Wrapping up

Criminal offences are prevalent in the US and other parts of the globe. If facing a criminal charge, it's advisable to contact an attorney immediately. The professional will offer the best presentation to improve your chances of a favorable outcome.