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10 Signs You Need a Workplace Injury Attorney

Going about your day-to-day duties at work may bring along a lot of unprecedented activities. These include a workplace injury. This is where one gets an accident or is injured while they are at the workplace. As the International Labor Organization reports, 2.3 million people around the globe find themselves in work accidents every year. Waking up in such a situation may confuse what steps to take. 

Have you been injured at work, and you have no idea whether to involve an Injury Attorney or not? This article seeks to shed light on the signs of whether you need a Workplace Injury Attorney. 

  • Your Employer is Slow on the Claim

The first person to be notified after an injury at work is your employer. The employer is then required to get in touch with the insurance company so that you are compensated. Any delay on the employer's part could be detrimental to the worker. Working with a workplace injury attorney could help speed up the process and bag you the required benefits. It will also ensure you get the most desirable result in your case. 

  • Accident Resulted in Serious Injury

With injuries, they can be as bad as causing a permanent disability. In such a state, an employee cannot be as productive as they were before. Insurance companies may try to be left out of severe injuries since the injuries are expensive. A workplace injury attorney helps save the situation in such cases by obtaining the benefits you require. 

  • Lack of Cooperation by Employers

Cooperation by an employer is crucial for one to obtain benefits in case of an injury. If the said is not working, it's a sign that a work injury lawyer needs to step in. 

  • Your Claim is Denied

Insurance companies can deny claims for various reasons. The good news is that it can be reversed through an appeal. As an individual, it may not be easy to handle the appeal process independently. The sermon and paperwork require someone conversant with the court corridors, specifically in the workplace injury field. 

  • The Injury Was Caused by Negligence from a Third Party

According to law, an accident at work only warrants a worker's compensation claim. An employer could not be sued in such a case; however, if someone else led to the accident while at work, a suit can be filed against them. A third party causing you to sustain an injury at work is another sign that you need a workplace injury attorney. 

  1. You Don't Quite Understand How Workers' Compensation Works.

Having questions about workers' compensation is a sign that you need direction on the issue. An attorney vast in the field can help you unravel your questions' mysteries. 

  • You Are Looking to File a Lawsuit

If you feel you have a high chance of filing a lawsuit after an injury, don't hesitate to consult an attorney. They will do the groundwork for you and make the whole process faster and easier. 

  • You Are Not Getting the Required Benefits

Benefits are awarded according to the injuries sustained. However, not all injuries are compensated. To know if you are eligible for compensation, you'll need to speak to an attorney. They will guide you on the steps to ensure that you get what you deserve. 

  • The Settlement Does Not Cater for all the Medical Bills

After sustaining an injury, a checkup will show the level of damage through an impairment rating. Low rates may lead to a cut on some of the costs and wages, leaving you to dig deeper into your pockets. If the compensation doesn't cover all the necessary bills, it's time to involve an attorney. 

  • Your Employer Fights You on The Claim

An employer can retaliate against a worker by obtaining a compensation claim in some cases. Retaliation may come in the form of lowering work hours, demotions, and, worse, being fired entirely. Working with an attorney will help you retain your spot in the company and receive your deserved benefits. 

Can You Handle Your Case?

One doesn't need to have legal aid on such matters by law. However, it's necessary to have an expert in the industry to help navigate the murky waters of a lawsuit. During the proceedings, one will encounter tedious paperwork and terms only familiar to lawyers. The result may be wrong decisions as a result of being misinformed. 

For those in San Antonio, a workplace injury lawyer will allow you to focus on treatment and recovery while they handle the tedious tasks for you. Their knowledge and expertise will aid in getting the necessary benefits in case of an accident suffered at work.

About Workplace Injury Attorney in San Antonio, TX 

Ronald A. Ramos is an injury lawyer located in San Antonio, TX. At a law firm, he works with a team that helps victims of accidents sustained in workplaces get the benefits and compensation they are eligible for. The company has been in existence for more than four decades which showcases its experience level in the industry. As a company, they understand that not everyone has the knowledge and strength to fight back in case they fall victim to an accident at work, and that's where they come in. 

Services Rendered by Ronald Ramos

Ronald Ramos works with clients with varying injuries and has helped thousands of clients win their benefits and compensation worth millions. Some of the injuries the law firm has dealt with include Burns, Brain Injuries, Back and Neck Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bone Fractures, Loss of Vision, Nerve Damage, Injuries that lead to Amputation, Soft Tissue Injuries, Scarring and disfiguring, among others. 

Steps to Take in Case of An Injury in San Antonio, TX

Have you been injured at work and don't know what steps to take to be legally protected? 

First, you'll need to report the incidents to be eligible for your workers' compensation if you signed up for it.  Second, ensure that you see a doctor for checkups on any damage.  Third, get in touch with a reliable workplace injury attorney to protect any benefits in line with your injury.