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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

1. How much is the contingency fee?

Typically, there is no fee if your case does not win any money. But if your case wins, the standard range is twenty-five to forty percent of the money your case wins. Note this can vary.

2. Are there any financial obligations if the case loses?

Lawyers also charge other costs associated with the case. Thus, these costs are often subtracted from the amount the client will receive if the case wins. It is best to only accept a lawyer who will provide a guarantee that you will not be responsible for any expenses if the case loses in order to protect yourself financially.

3. Do you have experiences with cases such as mine?

You should only deal with a lawyer who has experience in trying the kind of case you have. Some lawyers may be looking for cases and will even venture into ones they have no experience with. But a truly professional lawyer will not do that. Also, ask for references of previous clients.

4. Do you possess the required amount of time to dedicate to my case currently?

Do not go to the most popular lawyers, as they care busy and can be bogged down with many cases. That means your case will be likely delayed if you sign up with them. But if you go to a lawyer who is not so popular, but who Is good and who has integrity, likely he or she will do well for your case and will dedicate the right amount of time to your case. Some lawyers can overbook clients and delay cases by up to twelve to eighteen months, which is not fair to you.

5. When will you file my law suit?

It is not enough to sign up with a lawyer and think that your case will be filed immediately. Lawyers are busy and have lots to do. So it is your responsibility to ask direct questions and to know when your law suit will be filed. If the lawyer cannot give you a definite time when the lawsuit will be filed, that is not he lawyer for you.

6. Will this case be going to trial and when?

It is more desirable to have your case go to trial than to settle out of court. This is due to the fact that you will likely be more highly compensated if your case goes to trial. Therefore, do not be satisfied necessarily with settling out of court.

7. What is the monetary value of my case?

It is your right o know how much your case will provide to you in terms of finances. Your lawyer may not be able to give an exact figure. But he or she should be able to provide you with a general estimate. If the lawyer seems to promote large amounts of money that seem to be almost unrealistic, beware that the lawyer may only be trying to impress you and will not be ale to likely get the amount of money he or she claims, though lawyers do get clients significant amounts of money.

8. Will you be the one dealing with my case?

Sometimes you may meet a lawyer in person and think that he or she is the one that will be handling your case. But then your case may be passed off to another associate. That is not fair to you. Therfore, ask directly if the one you are currently speaking with will be the one handling your case.

9. What is my required participation regarding this law suit?

You need to know how much will be required of you, so you are not overwhelmed. This makes things more efficient for both you and the lawyer when you are fully informed and ready to do your part.

10. What are your credentials?

You have a right to know a lawyer’s credentials. That means that he or she should be part of a recognized law organization, should be certified, should have the right education and should be willing to provide you with references. If a lawyer lacks any of these things, then that lawyer is bogus and shady. Stay away.

Now you are better informed about what to ask when it comes to getting a top of the line personal injury lawyer, Zhivov Law can help.