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What To Consider In An Immigration Family Law Attorney Lawyer Before Hiring

Families immigrate to another country because of several reasons. Some families move because they are relocated due to their jobs, while others immigrate because of financial difficulties. Whether you are immigrating due to a new career or you want to try to find a better life, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different laws regarding immigrating with your family.

Preparing for the immigration process involves knowing which documents you need to pass. You need to secure the necessary documents and requirements before you can proceed. Also, different countries have varying specifications. Therefore, you need to know the specific procedures of the country that you are planning to move to.

Common Immigration Problems

Some immigrating families fail to pass the process even if they filled out the application forms and submitted all the required documents. Families who are immigrating should consider these common immigration problems so they can do additional preparation.

  • Outdated records. Immigration agencies require the most updated files. These records may be marriage contracts, birth certificates, school records, and financial statements. If anyone of these documents is outdated, it could affect the success of your application for immigration.
  • Intensified immigration security. Some countries have imposed strict immigration security to prevent instances where the immigrants will merely live off of the country’s benefits when they immigrate. Some immigrating families fail the application and interview process because they fail to meet specific standards and requirements such as financial capacity, employment status, and family connections in the country where they plan on immigrating.
  • Language barriers. Some immigrants fail to understand the entire application because of language barriers. Communication becomes difficult for the applicants and the interviewer. As a result, problems may arise during the immigration process.
  • Finances. You may have submitted all the documents, but you still failed. Your funds may be the reason why your application is denied. Based on the records you provided, your finances cannot support you during your immigration. You must have proof that you have the means to live in the country you are planning on migrating to. If you fail to do so, your application can be denied.

How Can an Immigration Family Lawyer Help You?

An immigration family lawyer can help you in many ways. Your lawyer can speed up the process of your application because he or she already has the connections. A lawyer can also provide you with the necessary documentation needed for your case. Hiring a lawyer can give you confidence when you apply for an immigration visa because he or she can help you be more aware of your rights as an immigrant.

What to Consider in Hiring an Immigration Family Lawyer

Legal issues are present when it comes to immigration applications. Applying for the required visas and acquiring a naturalized status requires the help of an experienced immigration family attorney to help you with the entire process.

Before you hire a lawyer to help you with your immigration, you need to assess his or her capabilities. You need to ask important questions such as:

  • How long have you been practicing law? Your attorney must have experience when it comes to handling immigration cases. Ask how long your lawyer has been helping immigrants pass their application. The longer their practice and the more successful cases the lawyer has, you have a higher chance of succeeding as well.
  • What kind of cases do you usually handle? It is relevant to ask your lawyer what types of cases he or she manages. Asking this question helps you gauge if he or she can help you with your situation. Your lawyer must be able to handle your case easily.
  • How do we get in touch with you? Communication is important when it comes to hiring a lawyer. You should be able to consult with your lawyer about the details of your case. It is essential to know your lawyer’s contact details so you can immediately call him or her whenever you need assistance.
  • What are your lawyer costs and fees? You must also ask how much it will cost for the lawyer to handle your case. You should also inquire if there are other related costs you need to know about before you hire him or her. Knowing the attorney fees helps you get an idea if you could afford it.
  • What could be the outcome of my immigration case? Lastly, you can ask if there is hope for your immigration application. Ask your lawyer to be frank and honest when he or she answers this question to avoid getting your expectations up. Your lawyer can also provide a brief background on your case. This way, you can assess his or her expertise on the matter.

Hiring a lawyer can be beneficial to the success of your immigration application. However, you must hire a lawyer that is knowledgeable in this type of case. Your lawyer can explain how you will proceed with your case and provide you with the resources you need to pass your application.

Anne E. Kennedy, Owner


Anne E. Kennedy was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Rice University in 1997. She received her law degree from the University of Kentucky in 2002. She was licensed to practice law in Texas in 2002 and Louisiana in 2005.

In 2006, Anne opened her own law office, providing legal advice to a variety of clients. She is known for her aggressive representation and ability to think outside the box. The main areas of Anne's legal practice are family law and immigration. She also practices "Crimmigration," meaning that she assists clients in re-opening criminal cases to lessen the risk of deportation and provides counsel to clients and criminal attorneys about the consequences of criminal convictions under federal immigration law.

Anne is a certified mediator in General Civil and Family Law. She is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association.