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 3 Types of Scenarios Where You Might Need a Compensation Lawyer on Your Side

There have been such profound changes in the legal services for people who are seeking compensation that now, it has become quite easy for them to fight for their right. Fighting a battle is always ugly and when it comes to an injury or negligence that you have experienced at the hands of others, it becomes pertinent for you to get your just due for it.

10 years ago, people were not aware of these legal services and hence, matters were always settled in the house. This always left the injured party wondering if the accused part was let off scot-free. With the help of law advice compensation lawyers, you now have the chance to get what you deserve.

Following are 3 scenarios where you might need a compensation lawyer on your side:

  1. You are walking down the stairs in your office and suddenly a piece of tile breaks lose which propels you forward and you fall head first down the stairs.

This injury caused a brain concussion and you were advised by the doctor to not put any pressure on yourself for the next 3 weeks. 3 weeks of unemployment resulted in a loss of income and since the place of the injury was not documented, your company now claims that it wasn’t their fault. Due to no serious injury, the company says the accident was a “near miss”.

This is where “worker’s compensation” comes in. While you might not be able to get the necessary proof, the compensation lawyer will have legal backup to investigate the matter and unearth documents that prove you were wronged.

  1. You are walking down the street, where you pass by a construction site. As you walk by the boarded up walls, a lose piece of board falls from above and hits you on the head.

The owner of the building is responsible for this lose piece of board and for not following safety standards. Here, you can seek compensation for the emotional trauma, the injury and the loss of income you will go through. The lawyer will help you file a case of “public liability”, where the accused party will pay for your medical bills, as well as the income loss.

  1. You were admitted to the hospital due to a viral flu that has been going around in your neighbourhood. The injection that was given to you was accidentally exchanged and you were given a lower dose, which resulted in a further decline in your health.

While this was an accident, it was the doctor’s fault that the nurse did not check the dose before it was administered. In a situation such as this, you are entitled to “medical negligence” compensation. The lawyer will help you fight for any loss of past and future earnings, medical expenses, domestic care, vehicle, home modification expenses and any requirements regarding special aids or equipment.

When fighting for such claims, never settle for less or a “near miss”. This is your right to fight for something that might have occurred accidentally, but the pain you experience from there onwards is real.